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Zombie Family Photos!

Have you ever watched "The Walking Dead" and thought to yourself "I sure wish I could be a #zombie, they look like they are having tons of fun?? No?? Well, it really is fun to be a zombie for a day haha. Don't believe me just ask this amazing group of siblings.

When they contacted me for this #photoshoot I had never done anything like it before but it definitely sounded fun. Morrisa was the eldest and the one that contacted me, we had worked together at Fear Farm AZ for a couple of years so I was no stranger to shooting creepy zombie photos, however I had never thought about regular family photos but the added idea of transitioning them was so unique that I couldn't say no.

Set Up: Luckily for us my girlfriend was actually the make-up manager at Fear Farm Az, meaning that she was more than happy to be our #MUA #sfxartist for the shoot and it also meant we were able to gain access to #fearfarmaz to use the sets for the shoot. Morrissa did the "Normal Make-up" as it were, we wandered around the farm finding the most "Un-horror" looking sets and then after we were happy with those it was time to get #freaky. Courtney went all out with this and made them look amazing, Morrissa was an #actor for Fear Farm as well so she was quick to embody her alternate persona! And her siblings who had never done anything like this before loved it and were total naturals.

This type of thing is what really drives me to love what I do as a photographer. I always want to give the most unique photos I can to my clients.

If you have ever wanted or needed #familyphotos but would like something a little more unique and just plain fun, I am open for halloween style family photos now!

I hope you enjoyed the read, enjoy the photos and it gives you some #inspiration for your family photos even if they aren't with me I would hope to at least see what you come up with one day.

Until next time,

Remember to choose your photographer wisely! These are your memories. They should always be based on Fun and Quality!

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